A Million Ways to Care


A Million Ways to Care

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"When you're kind to people, it's always worth more to them than you think."

The delightful tale of A Million Ways to Care begins when twins, Mia and Anthony learn that a very wealthy individual has given away a million dollars to help fund an African hospital. This news really captures the children’s imagination, leaving them wishing that they were rich enough to be as kind as the multi-millionaire they’ve just heard about.

The only problem is that they only have a dollar between them!

The story then follows Mia and Anthony during a typical day, where they learn all about the true meaning of kindness and discover that their small, everyday acts of kindness can have truly magical effects on those around them.

From simple, little actions such as helping their tired mom to offering to help a neighbor to show her she doesn’t have to deal with things on her own, the children’s thoughtfulness brings joy to others. Throughout the day, they learn over and over again that it’s the little things that count. People don’t need a million dollars; they need to know that other people care about them.

As an example of this, the twins show consideration to a new girl who feels out of place at a party. She’s new in town, dresses differently and feels awkward in her new environment. When Mia and Anthony show a real interest in her and her culture, she beams with happiness. The reader sees how this one intervention enriches the little girl’s life and, as the twins travel home afterwards, the realization dawns on them that you don’t have to be rich to help people:

"We can all care about each other, can’t we? It doesn’t cost anything."

As the story continues, the twins learn that it can even be more fun to give than receive as they choose and wrap Christmas presents and give thank you flowers and the story shows how these simple deeds are infectious as the kindness spreads from person to person.

This is the second book in the Ten Hidden Treasures series and takes a similar approach to the other books in having an engaging story, firmly rooted in the world of home, family, friends and all the things familiar to any child. There is no lecturing the children or telling them what they have to do or need to be like; they are simply presented with a lovely story that shows what happens when children take a positive approach to themselves, their world and to the people around them.