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About the author & the book series.


"If you want to change the world, you start with the children." - Joe Khoury

About Joe Khoury

Joe Khoury writes on topics that are important to him; on core values that he hopes would inspire, educate and enlighten his children, step-children and hopefully others.

Losing both his parents to cancer, while he was still a child, Joe fully understands the importance of family life, and rates being a father and husband above any of his other achievements.

Immigrating from Lebanon during the 2006 war, Joe made it to the USA and immediately set about achieving his major goals: to have a large family, to work successfully, be the best father, husband and man he could be.

In 2019 he found a few precious notes in his mother’s handwriting; Having lost both his parents while so young, he realized that he didn’t really know much about them: what were their likes, dislikes, hopes, fears and even points of view on certain topics? He decided to begin writing so that – in the event that something should happen to him, my children and even future grandchildren would be able to know the core values and life lessons he hopes for them to learn.

The entire series is designed to help children explore their feelings and gain new insights into what it means to be brave, be kind, and to be a good person. In A Big Brave Heart, twins Mia & Anthony learn that courage is not in the realm of the superhero and that they, too, have hidden powers of courage that they can use every single day.

He mandates self-care as a basis for good living and to enable a person to then take care of others: family and close friends first, the world, if necessary, next! He believes that it all start with the individual; work on yourself, take responsibility of your life and actions and become the best example you can be for people around. What we do affects so many.

Joe Khoury lives in Connecticut in the USA with his beautiful wife Brandi and their blended family. As a result of his own circumstances, family is highly important to Joe, who rates being a father and stepfather to six: twins Mia and Anthony, along with Jillian, Joanna, Deanna and Dominic, as his greatest achievement. He writes for them.


About the series

What does it mean to be brave, kind, or a good person? In his new book series designed for elementary school-age children, author Joe Khoury creates stories that examine these questions in real-world situations that kids can understand. Mia and Anthony are precocious twins who mirror what other kids experience as they grow and develop in a sometimes-confusing world, but a world that is filled with simple wonders and unfailing truths.

Each volume in the series tackles an important issue related to kids' emotional development. For instance, in the first book in the series, A Big Brave Heart, Mia and Anthony learn that courage comes in many different forms. It's not always a trait for superheroes! Young readers will delight in Mia and Anthony's new discoveries and changed attitudes as they immerse themselves in these fun-to-read stories that pair teachable moments with world-class storytelling.


Here are the books in the series

Books in the Series

The entire series is designed to help children explore their feelings and gain new insights into what it means to be brave, be kind, and to be a good person